Monday, 15 September 2014

Web Master

Job Description
A web master is a computer specialist whose job it is to maintain websites. Web masters are also called web administrators. A web master may be responsible for many functions of web maintenance from design to analysis of user data.

Employment Facts 
There were 209,000 people employed in this and related fields in 2008.

Educational Requirements

One usually needs only an associate degree or certificate to work as a web master but a bachelor's degree in a computer-related major may be required for more advanced positions.

Other Requirements 
A web master must keep up with continuous changes in technology.

Job Outlook
Web masters are predicted to see job growth that is faster than the average for all occupations through 2018.


Computer network, systems and database administrators, including web masters, earned a median annual salary of $77,010 in 2009.
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A Day in a Web Master's Life:

On a typical day a web master's tasks might include:

  • designing a website
  • making sure users can access a website quickly
  • approving site content
  • collecting and analyzing data on website activity and traffic patterns
  • responding to user feedback

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